Payment Options:

You can pay cash or check to Coach Ed Garcia before the first practice. Checks should be made payable to Let’s Get Moovin. You can also send checks to 3811 Broadland Street, Sacramento CA 95834. There is also a PayPal link on page, where you can use your PayPal account.

Uniform Attire:

All children are required to wear an LGM Uniform which can be purchased on our website. Please wear comfortable clothing for kids to run around in. No jeans or skirts. Sweats, tights, or shorts are fine. Water is necessary for every practice. For game days, uniforms and black shorts are mandatory to participate.


Our coaches are all fingerprinted through the Department of Justice. We have extensive experience in coaching children of all skill levels and temperaments. Head Coaches are also First Aid Certified.

After a Session Begins:

Children can join our classes if we have room for students at a particular school and if it is granted by the Director of LGM.

Parent Involvement:

Parents are permitted to watch any practice as long as they are not coaching their children from the sidelines. Being positive is encouraged, but let our Coaches do their job. If parents have a concern with practice they should make arrangements to meet with the Head Coach to discuss any issues.


Let’s Get Moovin is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, all donations both financial and material, are tax-deductible Your donations helps keeps the cost down so all kids can participate. You can make a donation by PayPal at