Welcome to Let’s Get Moovin

We are a nonprofit organization that supports the health, development, and wellness of local TK/K – 8th graders by providing fun, structured, and supervised opportunities to engage in sports and other physical fitness activities.

Let’s Get Moovin! intends to: address the gaps left by the reduction in physical education and sports programs in schools, combat childhood obesity, provide a physically active social alternative to the sedentary lifestyle that has been linked to the overuse of video games and television, and create avenues for interpersonal connections and social skill development.

Children will have fun and be challenged in a variety of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Flag Football, and Kickball. All participants will have an opportunity to play all sports, no matter their skill level. It’s all about having fun and getting the body moving.

Sacramento Youth Sports
Sacramento Youth Sports
Sacramento Youth Sports
Sacramento Youth Sports
Sacramento Youth Sports
Sacramento Youth Sports
Sacramento Youth Sports
Sacramento Youth Sports

Our Locations

Our program is currently in six elementary schools in the Natomas Unified School District.

  • Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep (NP3) Elementary
  • H. Allen Hight Elementary
  • Regency Park Elementary
  • Natomas Park Elementary
  • Witter Ranch Elementary
  • Paso Verde School
  • Star Academy

Our goal is to offer quality instruction, in a caring environment for your children. We are always looking for new opportunities in the area. If you would like to see us at your child’s school, please contact Head Coach Ed Garcia.


  • Ed Garcia, Head Coach
  • Jacobs Roberts, Coach
  • Sean Kalscheuer, Coach
  • Annette Majala, Coach
  • Anthony Morales, Coach
  • Eric Perez, Coach
  • Jared Lee, Coach
  • Jon Evans, Coach
  • Stuart Graf, Coach


  • Ed Garcia, Director
  • Amber Kemp, Operations Manager
  • Michelle Garcia, Office Manager
  • Briana Garcia, Administrative Assistant

Board Members

  • Ed Garcia, President
  • Naomi Eason, Vice President
  • Jessica Perigney, Secretary
  • John Heredia, Member
  • Jacquie Gilmore, Member
  • Cynthia Villongco, Member
  • Teresa Kemp, Member
  • Payton Boyea, Member