​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​it's time to get ready for some basketball Fun!

​Get signed-up TODAY to save a spot for your child. Due to the overwhelming demand for our soccer session this year, we will be limiting each class to only 25 kids. This is to ensure that your child receives the best experience that LGM can provide. 

​Please choose the school that your child will be practicing at from below.

NCS STAR Academy

NP3 Elementary

Natomas Park Elementary

Regency Park Elementary

H. Allen Hight Elementary

​Witter Ranch Elementary

**A​TTENTION - To all Let's get moovin families**

We are happy to announce our brand new online registration! In an effort to get with the times, we are now providing you the ability to do your annual registration online. Every child needs to be registered before the start of their first session with us. This means that all new and previous families that have not completed our online registration must do so before the start of the new session. If you have already made your payment for the upcoming session, but have not gone through the registration process, please do so now, HERE.

We would like to thank News10 for the wonderful story they  

did on Coach Ed Garcia and the Let's Get Moovin! program.

Select the link below to view the amazing story.             

Let's Get Moovin!

is a nonprofit organization that supports the health, development, and wellness of local Tk/K - 5th graders by providing fun, structured, and supervised opportunities to engage in sports and other physical fitness activities. Let's Get Moovin! intends to: address the gaps left by the reduction in physical education and sports programs in schools, combat childhood obesity, provide a physically active social alternative to the sedentary lifestyle that has been linked to the overuse of video games and television, and create avenues for interpersonal connections and social skill development. Children will have fun and be challenged in a variety of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Flag Football and Kickball.  All participants will have an opportunity to play all sports, no matter their skill level. 

It’s all about having fun  and getting the body moving.